wifi room thermostat

About your thermostat

Eniicor_ dm50 series Modern Touch Screen Room Thermostats are designed to on/off control the fans and valves in air conditioner applications via comparison of the room temperature and setting temperature as reaching the aim of comfort and saving energy. Eniicor_ dm50 are microprocessor based thermostat with LCD display.

Features of your thermostat

Modern desgin similar as a cell phone. Beautiful Frame CHROME creates elegant life Acrylic lenses to avoid the finger scratch . Touch Button makes simple operation .Large screen display with backlight is easy to read even in the dark. Four periods program schedules maximize comfort and economy. One-touch temp control overrides program schedule at any time. Precise comfort control keeps temperature within 0.5°C of the level you set. Internal and external sensor selectable is suitable for any place. Data memory when power is off. Easy installation.86mm hidden box and european 60mm round box is available.

Model definition of your thermostat

A1: Two pipe; Control Fan Coil Unit and Two wired Motorized valve.(when room temperature reaches the setpoint , both will turn off)
A2: Two pipe; Control Fan Coil Unit and Two wired Motorized valve.(when room temperature reaches the setpoint, valve will turn off but fan will turn to low speed)
B: Two pipe; Control on/off Motorized Damper
C: Two Pipe; Control Fan Coil Unit and Three wired Motorized valve
M: Two pipe; Control 0-10V Motorized Valve
E: Four pipe; Control Fan Coil Unit and Two wired Heat and Cool Motorized valve.
T: ClockL: Backlight
P: Weekly Programmable
N: RS485/MODBUS RTU communication
K: Keycard
E: External sensor
For example: BAC-1000A1LNP and N could not be compatible at the same time.
How to control your thermostat
Just download the enicor app from googleplay or apple store and connect your thermostat to the app very easily Now you can control

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