Differential Pressure Flow Switch Overview

Differential Pressure Flow Switch series differential pressure flow switch with single fixed set point was designed for OEM customers. It was designed to be compact, cost-effective, differential pressure switch for application such as proof-of-flow, filter monitoring, etc. The pre-setting value can not be changed, which can ensure the flow setting value can not be changed. Our company considerate the practical situation, can transfer the setting differential pressure value to the flow protection value of the heat exchanger. The value can set by our professional according to customer’s requirement and print on the label.

Differential Pressure Flow Switch BWFS10 Features

△ Storage temperature: -29℃~82℃
△ Ambient temperature: -20℃~71℃
△ Media temperature range: -20℃-93℃
△ Pressure connection: 1/4" SAE(7/16" –20UNF)G、1/4"NPT for optional)
△ Max. static pressure: 10bar
△ Max. pressure difference: 5bar
△ Set point repeatability tolerance: ±1%
△ Output: one SPDT dry contact output, one or two for optional factory set one N/O.
△ Switch: 10A(max)、125/250VAC
△ Electrical connection: DIN 43650 /direct connect(105℃ resistance burning 2×0.75 or 3×0.75mm for optional)

Differential Pressure Flow Switch enFS10 Application

Typical applications include flow controlling and monitoring for pump and filter in air-cooled water chiller、 water-cooled chiller those use plate-type heat exchanger 、double-pipe heat exchanger and shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

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